art wall hanger hung outside in nature
art wall hanger in the lap of a model
art wall hanger hung up outside with model beside
floral wall hanger hung up with model putting in flowers
floral wall hanger hung up outside with model in front
model holding a mug and wall hanger

Lady of the Flowers Wall Hanger

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A wall art and a storage bag. 


Designed by Shoko Yanagisawa (@shokoyanagisawa), a Japanese- Korean artist who is a self-described spiritually feminist artist known for her deep abstract installations that are meant to empower individuals to see their potential in this world. Our wall hanger embraces femininity and empowerment. With duo pockets used to store keys, chains, flowers or anything your heart desires.


Product size:18.11*23.62 inches     

Packed size:7.87*11.81*0.79 inches

Material: Linen. Come with screws and tools for hanging on the wall.