Hang made ceramic mug with white daisy paintings
model with ceramic mug with daisy designs
model holding a ceramic daisy mug in her lap
portrait of a model holding a mug in each hand
Model sitting on the ground holding two ceramic mugs and a wall hanger in her lap
Model is smiling while holding onto a ceramic mug
hand holds a ceramic mug titled on an downward angle
wooden tray holds a daisy ceramic mug with a model holding the products
Model holds two ceramic mugs while sitting on the ground
Model sits on the ground while sitting tea in her ceramic mug
Model lays down on a bench while holding a ceramic mug above her head
model lays down on a bench and holds a ceramic mug in air.

Lazy Daisy Mug

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Perfect for that cup of tea in the morning.


This product features a handmade ceramic mug with hand painted daisies. Each mug is unique in design, no two are identical since they are handmade and hand painted.


Capacity: 300ml

Material: ceramics